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Bukit Timah & Holland Village
Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre
Siew Kee Curry Mixed Vegetable Rice
Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre. #02-153. Bukit Timah 7 mile

If you are around Bukit Timah and do not know what is delicious to eat? Look no further than Siew Kee at at outlet # 02- 153. You will be delighted to see wide range of food on display on the showcase. From their top seller like Asam, Braised Pork and many more. All the food here are daily fresh as the friendly lady owner cum chef believes in serving good food for you worth. She has been cooking these wonderful dishes for years and her customers come from all walk of life and from all parts of Singapore. You try the food today to know what is delicious food taste like! MUST TRY!!!
He Zhong Carrot Cake
Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre Stall #02-185

Craving for traditional taste fried carrot cake? Don't have to go round the island, just come over to He Zhong. End your craving here as the friendly owner has inherited the fine culinary skill from his parents. The carrot cakes are freshly self made daily and fried upon every order. The chilli is also self made to compliment the carrot cake. One Of The Best So Far !
Zhong Pin Noodle House
Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre Stall #02-147

Something new here ! Sarawak and local fusion laksa ! Yummy good and you can't get elsewhere for sure. Many first time dinner are returning for more after their first try. Their pig's trotters noodle is also another hot seller here. The sauce is self concocted to go along with the noodle. Delicious! Come by any meal time to enjoy what you may not have tasted before.! Good Good!
Lian Seng Fried Kway Teow
Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre Stall #02-172

Just like kampong taste! Foodies' choice. The outlet has been frying these noodles for years and Lian Seng has became a household name to many residents staying nearby and around. Many of their customers also come from afar. The cockles here are daily fresh and the sauces are of better quality. Price? Very reasonable for this type of traditional taste! MUST EAT NO MATTER WHAT !
A1 Prata Corner
Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre Stall #02-198

Looking for delicious Roti Prata, Murtabak, Putu Mayam ? Look no further. A1 Prata Corner is one of the better one here, at Bukit Timah area. The Briyani here is also very good. The curry? Superb. The Briyani come in three side curry of your choice, Mutton, Chicken and fish. Food Lovers' choice ! Well Recommended !
Leng Kee Satay & BBQ
Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre Stall #02-127/144

Looking for delicious traditional Satay where the sauce has minced pineapple, Fried Oyster and Charcoal BBQ Chicken Wings? Well, looking no further than Leng Kee. Many foodies have tasted what Leng Kee serves, and they return for more with friends. Leng Kee is a household name to many residents in Bukit Timah. The customers here make up of all walks of life and also from other parts of the Island. Be sure to visit Leng Keng or you may miss out the goodness in life ! YUMMY GOOD !!?
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