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Bukit Timah & Holland Village
Holland Village
Claypot Bak Kut Teh & Char Siew Wanton Noodle
Blk 44 Holland Dr. Market and Food Centre # 02 - 08

The Claypot pork rib soup is delicious and many regular customers are returning more after their first taste. The meat is soft and the soup is well brewed. This out also serves Claypot pork rib soup with noodle is you like it. The wanton noodle is another hot seller here. The sauces and chilli are self-made and it blended well the rest of the ingredients and noodle. Come over today to enjoy a good meal of either the pork rib soup ( Bak Kut Teh ) or Wanton Noodle. MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT!
Congee House
Blk 44 Holland Drive Food Centre # 02 - 41

This outlet has been in this congee business at this location for years and many regular customers dine here. The congee has many different mixtures, from plain lean pork to their all in like century eggs, cuttlefish pork balls and etc... The congee is well cook and it compliment well with most of the other ingredients. Be sure to visit Congee House early as the food always sell out after noon time. YUMMY GOOD !!

Ru Fa Bao Dian
Block 44 Holland Drive
# 02-09
Steam Bun Stall

Their steam buns are self made, with freshly cooked ingredient stuff inside the fluffy textured, tendered fillings, bite sized buns, simply delicious. They sells alot of variety of buns from char siew buns, to lotus sweet paste fillings, to self made siew mai, and very reasonable priced. You just have to come and try, to know its authenticity.

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