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Empress Food Centre (Farrer Road)
Empress Food Centre (Farrer Road)
XiaoWang Claypot
Blk 7 Empress Food Centre #01-884

Traditionaly Delicious..! Xiao Wang Claypot has been well known to many for are looking for delicious claypot dishes in Empress place. At xiao Wang's, you can choose your many styles of claypot soups and pork dishes. The freshness of the pig organs is superb. The sauce,one spoonful of the soup will not stop you! At the same time you may like to try out the wide variety of other dishes that the chef can satisfy you. MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT!



Happy World Roast
7 Farrer Road Empress Food Centre Stall #01-80 S(268819)

Traditional taste of the early sixties! You will love it till the last spoonful. The owner cum chef has been in the trade since the early days of the sixties around Bukit Timah, Sixth Ave. Today, ideally located at this food centre, he and his family still maintain the old way of roasting the meats and cooking the tasty soup to go along. Visit them today and realise what is the taste of the oldies which very hard to come by! Foodies Top Choice dinning place. Well Recommended Outlet !





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