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Blk 511 Bedok North Street 3 Kaki Bukit Market And Food Centre


Blk 511 Bedok North Street 3 Kaki Bukit Market And Food Centre    


Dapur Aisyah
Blk 511 Bedok North Street 3,
Kaki Bukit Food Centre, Stall #01-16

Looking for a good Sedap meal? Well, look no further if you are around the area. The top signature breakfast items are food like Mee Siam, Lontong and Nasi Lemak. Its very nice and fresh. Later of the day, you will see many people coming for the Nasi Rawon and the normal rice. The Kueh is also good here. It's a Good Good Sedap meal here. Come over to try it out.




Mandarin Best Chicken Rice
Blk 511 Bedok North Street 3
#01-37 Singapore 460511

Chicken tasted so delicious that you will return for more after the first try. The friendly husband and wife owner was formerlly fro Tampines Mart Kopitiam air con food court. The have been years in the business and is now at their new location. Must of their customer are now going to their new location just to enjoy what they have been getting. Are you keen to do so today? Must Try Them!




M. Mohamed Irshad
Blk 511 Bedok North Street 3
Kaki Bukit Market & Food Centre Stall 01 - 43

Mama Mee Goreng, Tulang, Kambing Soup and many more which many first time came and tasted it and return for more with friends. The friendly owner has been in this business with his family since young and somehow learnt the fine culinary skill in cooking all the delicious food. Just visit this outlet if you are looking for a good Indian Muslim Meal.



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