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New Upper Changi Blk 58
New Upper Changi Blk 58

Bei Chuan Ting Yu Tang
Blk 58 Upper Changi Road (Market & Food Centre) Stall #01-161

Fish And Seafood Soup? Not many cook like this outlet. The soup base is delicious and the fish is very fresh. The outlet has many regular customers and many first timer dinners are also returning for more after their first try. You must try to be hooked on what they serves. Well Recommended!!!

Aroma Cafe
Blk 58 Upper Changi Road (Market & Food Centre) Stall #01-191

Just like Mummy's cooking. Well, if you are looking for one that taste like home cook food, come to Aroma. The Nasi Lemak here is delicious. The sambal is self made and the rice is lemak and siok. The mix vegetable rice is also well recommended. The braised items are a must to look for. Be sure to be early as they close early.

Aunty Ann's Ocean Fresh Seafood
( Manage By Tonsin Marine )

Blk 58, Upper Changi Road. (Market & Food Centre)
Stall #01-34 & 35

Looking for fresh seafood? Come over to Aunty Ann. The outlet sell a wide choices of seafood that many don't. From fresh sea shell to fishes and crabs. The price here is also reasonable and you will be happy to be served by the friendly owner. Be sure to get what you are looking for at Aunty Ann.

Miao Xiang Vegetarian
Blk 58 Upper Changi Road (Market & Food Centre) #01-189

Looking for delicious vegetarian food? Well, look no further than Miao Xiang. The outlet serves a wide variety of dishes like mee rebus, lu mian , fish soup and pastries. Their food are fresh and cook upon each order. The friendly couple has been in the trade for years and has master the fine culinary skill in cooking delicious vegetarian food. MUST TRY!!!

Liang Ji Char Kway Teow
Blk 58 New Upper Changi Road (Food Centre & Market) Stall #01-165

You will return for more! Many came, taste the fried noodles, carrot cake and oyster here and they return for more with friends and love ones. Some buy home! The food here is authentic and taste of traditional taste. It hard to come by now a days unless the chef know the fine art of cooking these food. Not too oily and the fire got to be just right. This is for sure a Foodies place without a second word. Well Recommended !!

Juliecious' Kitchen
Blk 58 New Upper Changi Road (Food Centre & Market) Stall #01-187

Food Lovers' choice! The food is daily fresh and its delicious. The Roti Chanai is self made and the chicken curry is fantastic. You will ask for a second helping after tasting the first! The Mee soto, Tahu Goreng, Porridge and many more in their menu get sell out fast daily as the outlet has many regular customers and also new one. They make up of residents near by and also from all over. The price is so reasonable for these delicious food. End your carving here!! MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT!
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