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Red Hill Zone
Red Hill
Fatty Cheong Roasted Delights
Blk 85, Redhill Food Centre #01-92

Good roasted meat is hard to come by today. If you are looking for one, just pop by at Fatty Cheong in Redhill. Just one bite and you shall return for more, maybe with friends as well. The other top sellers are his wanton noodle The roasted meat are crispy and the soft wanton.... good compliment together. WELL RECOMMENDED OUTLET!

Yeong Yuan
Blk 85 Redhill Lane Food Centre #01-19

Remember the Tanglin Halt Freid Be Hoon. Well come over if you miss it. The Bee Hoon is so good that you will buy take away for some one. The fried chicken are fried in a way that it make you to have a second one. The chilli compliment well with Bee Hoon and the dish. Go early and the line of customers is long and the food get sell out fast. Yummy Good!

Redhill Curry Rice
Blk 85 Redhill Lane Food Centre #01-95

Delicious !!! Curry that many tried here and are returning for more. The Curry fish head here is wonderful and so as the othe dishes, All the food here are cook daily fresh and the friendly owner marinated all his food nad cook it himself. The price is very reasonable and the service here is fast and good too. Go early as the food here get sell out fast. Well Recommended!!

Hock Shun
Blk 85 Redhill Food Centre #01-39

Looking for a good meal of fried prawn noodle or cockle noodle? Well, look no further. Come to Hock Shun and enjoy what you have been craving for all this time. The owner has been in this business for some time and he uses all fresh ingredients to fry his food. The chilli is self made and it is nice to go along with his noodle. The price? Very reasonable for this authentic traditional taste. MUST TRY!

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