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Tekka Market

Tekka Market Zone 01    

Feng Sheng H.K. Style
Roasted Delights

Tekka Food Centre Stall #01-301

H.K. Style Roasted Delights that you can saviours in Tekka. The roasted items are daily fresh and it is very authentic. Traditional taste is something you will get. Just one bite and you shall be back for more. The owner has been roasting in the trade for some time and he just knew what to do. WELL RECOMMENDED !!

Jasmine Pork Rib Prawn Noodle
Tekka Food Centre Stall #01-316

Chinese Food in Tekka Food Centre? Not Easy. Come to Jasmine, to enjoy a good meal of pork Rib prawn noodle. The food are very fresh and the soup base is of natural sweetness. The owner cum chef herself has been in this trade for years and you can be sure to enjoy to the last spoon. Taste to know what we are trying to tell you! YUMMY GOOD!

Pak Kashmiri Delights
Tekka Food Centre Stall #01-251

Craving for Northern Indian food is not simple here. At stall 01-251, you get to taste the better one here. The food is fresh and freshly make and cook upon each order. You shall love to your last bite. Very Authentic and traditional. Must Try!.

Zam Zam Muslim Food
Tekka Food Centre Stall Number 01-217

Looking for a good meal in Tekka Food Centre can never be easy. There many types of food there until we found Zam Zam. The Briyani and plain rice with a wide variety of side dishes will stop your craving here. Many regulars return for more after their first tasting. The native chef just knew the fine art of cooking all the fine dishes. VERY YUMMY!

Maya Mohan Hot & Cold Drinks
Tekka Market And Food Centre
Stall #01-246

Ginger Tea that is so Freshly Brew and Chendol

Maya Mohan is one outlet in Tekka that many thristy customes will go for. Reputable for its wide variety of self concocted drinks. At Maya Mohan, only the freshest quality ginger are used for their most requested drink, Ginger Tea. Their famous Chendol is another hot seller dessert drink that you have to try!!

Hannifa's Briyani Specialist
Tekka Market And Food Centre
Stall #01-256


When Briyani is what you are looking for at Tekka, look no further than Hanifa. They use the best ingredients and rice, the friendly young owner serves the best food there. Other than this fast sell out food, you may like to try out their equally good, mee goreng, mutton chop and also the mutton soup. Superb!

AR-Rahman Royal Prata
Tekka Market And Food Centre
Stall #01-236

Tekka's Delicious Roti Prata

Never under estimare AR-Rahman's prata. The outlet sells one of the best there. The curry is well cook, made to perfection which compliments for all its pratas.They serve HOT and On THE SPOT cooked Murtabak, tissue prata and many range of pratas. Must try to know what is different!
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