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Tiong Bahru/ Havelock Road
Tiong Bahru/ Havelock Road

70s Coffee
Blk 38A Beo Crescent #01-87

All the delicious local brew coffee under one roof. Traditional coffee, toast and half boiled egg awaits for you here from morning breakfast to afternoon tea break. Yummy ! Why travel to commercial expensive places just to have good decent local coffee or toast when you can have it all at a place cheap and good? Come over today!


86 Vegetarian Food
Blk 40 Beo Crescent #01-10

The customer queue is endless, 86 Vegetarian Food 's fried golden mushroms and healthy mixed rice are total sellouts. You can only get to enjoy good and cheap vegetarian food from morning till lunch time only, there after 2pm, they will sold out and closed.

Tiong Bahru Delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice
Blk 38A Beo Crescent #01-75

Chicken Rice Lovers' best choice. Try them today to know why? The chicken here are daily fresh and the chefs has mastered the fine culinary skill to cook it. Its tender and nice. The sauces and chilli, very well self made and compliment well with the aromatic rice and chicken. Dont miss them out if you are looking delicious chicken the next time you are nearby. Yummy Good!
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