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West Coast

West Coast Zone    
Xiang Jun Noodle House
Blk 726 Westcoast Drive
Westcoast Food Centre #01-175

This one you must try! The noodle and the ingredient is daily fresh. The owner has been in the business for many years. The soup is naturally sweet and the chilli for the dry one is very good. Be sure to visit them early as most of the food get sell out very fast. Yummy Good To The Last Bite!
Wang Jiao Handmade Noodle
Blk 726 Westcoast Drive
Westcoast Food Centre #01-193

Craving for a good yummy meal of self-made noodle? Well, let it end here. At Wang Jiao, the food is daily fresh and the owner only cooks it when upon your order. The Dumpling here is a daily sell out. Be sure to visit them early, The Noodle? You will love it till the last bite. YUMMY GOOD
Hai Tong Noodle House
Blk 726 Westcoast Rd #01-174
West Coast Food Centre

At Hai Tong you don't just eat noodle, but delicious noodles special made that you will return for more after the first try. Their ingredients are fresh and sauces are self concocted which compliments very well with their noodles. The chili is fantastic which customers always ask for more to be added. No matter what... It is a MUST to try!
Heng Li
Blk 726 West Coast Road West Coast Food Centre Stall #01-153

Lu Mian and prawn noodle that many are talking about in this food centre. The lu or braised gravy is well cook and it compliment well with the ingredients and noodle. The chilli is self made and you will ask for more after the first taste. The tastiness of the food is because of their daily fresh ingredients and marination. Just too good to miss if you are on the Western part of Singapore. Thumbs Up!!
96 Katong Laksa
Blk 726 Clementi West st 2 Stall #01-191
Branches :
Blk 20 Ghim Moh Food Centre #01-64
Blk 117 Aljunied Crescent Stall #01-52

The 'lemak' katong laksa that many foodies are looking for! Not many cook the way 96 cook. The correct concoction of the ingredients is proven in the blow. Each spoonful is a great taste of the traditional laksa, Nonya stlye. (Just use the spoon as it's a common icon. The prawns are very fresh and so as the cockles. When you are at the outlet, be sure to try out their chicken curry with plain rice and bread. It's equality good. Yummy good for curry lovers. Nasi Lemak to go along is some of the favourite here. MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT !!
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