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Beach Road
Golden Mile Food Centre


Golden Mile Fish Porridge and Seafood Soup
Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-40

Fresh fish porridge and soup that not many are selling. Deliciously cook with fresh ingredients. The outlet practice serving the fish with the fish skin and it really good. They serve fish and seafood noodle as well as bitter gourd soup. Come early as most of the food get sell out fast. Coming soon the outlet will serve their soup with pumpkin. Well Recommended !


Sarah Cafe
505 Beach Road #B1-29 Golden Mile Food Centre
Branch: Bedok Corner Food Centre #01-10

Thirsty while having a good meal here? Least worries. Just go to Sarah and pick your choice of self concoct drinks. Quench it and you will ask for a second cup! An Awarded outlet for fine concoction. Must Try !!!


N Faheem Plaza
Golden Mile Food Centre. Beach Road Stall #B1-18

Sedap and Siok...! Tulang that many overseas visitors sing praise and return for more before they fly off or when the return here. The locals here will always dine here if Tulang is what they wish to eat. The oulet has been in the business since years. The authentic traditional taste of delicious and goodness remain the same. You may also like to have side order like their fried noodle, mutton chop and even their Roti John is fantastic. Well Recommended With Any Doubts!!!


Fei Zhu
505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre. Stall #01-71

Bouncy self make fishball that many return for more after their first bite. The young and friendly couple serves daily fresh food. The soup base is also very delicious (Natural Ingredients used). The chilli compliment very well with their dry noodles. Be sure to visit Fei Zhu early as most of the food get sell out fast. WELL RECOMMENDED TEOCHEW FISHBALL NOODLE!


Kheng Fatt Hainanese Beef Noodle
505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre. Stall #01-89

Food lovers and foodies best choice. The Beef is tender and the soup base is fantastic. Many first time will return for more after their first bite. To what we know the Hainanese cook two wonderful dishes. One is the Hainanese Chicken rice and the other for sure their Beef Noodle. The tendon here is very tender and soft too . The owner has been in this trade for many years and he has some how mastered the fine culinary skill. During meal time, you will see a good flow of regular customers at the stall front. Their customers make up of all walks of life and also all over Singapore. MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT !!


Go Indo
505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre Stall #01-88

Authentic Traditional Indonesian food that you will be back for more, The friendly owner has been in this business for quite some time in the Singapore Republic Navy base. The food here are daily fresh from the market and she change the menu daily. The Nasi Lemak is a sell out here. The sambal is very good going along the dishes and lemak rice. Visit Go Indo when you are craving for a delicious Indonesian food. YUMMY GOOD


Multi Food Supply
505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre. #01-96

Delicious Baked Salted Chicken are not easy to come by. In the food arena you need to buy the whole chicken. Come over to Multi Food Supply. You can enjoy a big portion (Drum Stick) of the bake salted chicken with rice and greens.The chicken here is bake to perfection and it is not saltish all all. While you are at the outlet, you may like to try their daily change menu. Chinese New Year is near by? BBQ pork is another one of Multi Food Supply's signature dish. Be sure to come early to taste one of the best so far! YUMMY GOOD !!?


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