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Golden Mile Food Centre
Golden Mile Food Centre


Sen Sen Stew Soup
505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre. #01-112

Health is Wealth as what Chinese wise saying. Yes, thats right, and if you are looking for something extra delicious and healthy stewed soup, look no futher! Just visit Sen Sen today to enjoy the authentic taste of special soup that make your search over. The friendly owner has been in this business for some time already and she only believed in serving quality good Chinese herds soup. If you are one of the many Soup Lover, you will know the colour of the soup. It is thick and tasty when you drink it. She serves traditional Vinegar Pig's Trotters and also very good braise pork. MUST TRY TO KNOW!


Jia Xiang Shu Shi
505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre. #01-79

Vegetarian food never taste so delicious until you have tasted Jia Xian. Here, you will be delighted to have many dishes to choose upon and with a reasonable pricing. Come early as many of the food get sell out fast daily. Their regular customers not only made up of the residents near by, but from all walks of life from near and also far. Vegetarian BBQ are also sold here, but please talk to the owner as it is not a daily produces like the many. YUMMY GOOD!


Kaiyi's Kitchen
505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre. #01-109

Noodle Lovers will fall in love with what this outlet is serving! You hardly can taste this type of noodle in Singapore. The soup base is well brew and has a natural sweetness. Ingredient are daily fresh, hand picked from the near by market. The lady owner cooks all the own sauces and chilli. The food just compliment well. Come over to taste that something special here! WELL RECOMMENDED !!!


Jin Hai Tng
505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-56

Delicious Claypot dishes cook in many ways by Hong Kong experience chef. The outlet has a wide menu for you to choose upon your liking. You may like to dine with their set or individually. All food here are daily fresh and she self marinate it early and also prepared the sauces. Veridc . YUMMY GOOD. MUST TRY !


Juice Kakis
505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre #01-93

Quench your thirst after a good meal at Juice Kakis. Here you will enjoy the freshness of daily fresh fruit juice. At the mean time while you are at the outlet, you may ask the friendly owner for health drinks. The owner just knew the art of fine concoction the Yummy Drinks. They have a long list of drinks for you to choose uopn and enjoy! Well Recommended Outlet!


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