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Chinatown / Hong Lim
Wong Kok Hong Kong Style Roasted Delights
Blk 5, #01-52 Banda Street, Singapore 050005
Blk 6, #96-09 Serangoon North Ave 5,
Singapore 554910

Authentic Traditional Roast that tasted so good that you will be back for more. The owner knew the fine art of doing the culinary skill from his Shi Fu. Today, he has roasted it just like it was a long time ago. The meat is tender and the outer layer is slightly crispy. Must try to know. All Recommended Outlet!
Nguyen Nga Cuisine
Chinatown Food Street Cart No.10 & 12

Visiting Nguyen Nga can never be a wrong choice if you are looking for a good meal. The seafood hotplate is one of the top seller here is the seafood is very fresh. The ingredients compliment very with the main food. The Meat items are equally good. If you are looking for something light like the noodle, LAKSA? it is surely a must here. the gravy will make you return. So as the minced meat noodle, Yummy Good!.
Katong Hean Kee Fried Oysters
Chinatown Food Street Stall 05

Authentic and traditional taste of the 60s is still with this outlet. The fried oyster tasted just like before. The friendly owner cum chef has been in this business for years. He started it since young following his parents. Till now, he never change the way of cooking it and he further improved it using quality ingredients and very fresh oysters. Must try no matter what!! Very Good.
Dessert Station
Chinatown Food Centre Stall No #02-146

Moon Cake so freshly bake and very delicious. Get it now! Feeling Hot while shopping ? Come over to Dessert Station for all the yummy desserts. From the wonderful Ice Kachang and many hot one. All the desserts here are self cook and it taste good. Be sure to come to Dessert Station the next time you are around the area.
Dragon Village Hainanese Curry Rice
Chinatown Food Centre Stall No #02-108

Deliciously cooked and daily fresh. The curry rice is one of the best in Chinatown and there is also a blend of other China Chinese dishes to go along. The owner cum chef himself has been working in an reputable outlet before. It is a must to try it and words just can't describe it. Very Good!
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