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Chinatown Complex Food Centre
Chinatown Complex Food Centre
Nasi Padang Mami Fita
Blk 335 Smith Street,
Chinatown Food Centre, Stall #02-222

All the Chinese food in Chinatown? Look no further than Stall #02-222. Serving authentic traditional Nasi Padang like Ayam Penyet and many more. The food here are daily fresh and cook by the native chef with is the work. The Top Sell like Ayam Penyet and the Redang set is fantastic here. Must Try! VERY SEDAP!!
Tak Hei Delicacy
335 Smith Street, Chinatown Food Centre, #02-187

Hakka Yong Tau Fu and traditional food that you must not miss. The food here are daily fresh and self made. The friendly husband and wife team prepared their food and soup base early in the morning. The sauces and chilli are very good and it compliment well with the Tau Fu and also the other food. This is going to a food lovers favourite corner for sure. MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT! DELICIOUS!
Pang's Satay
335, Smith Street. Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-213

For years, Pang's Satay is well known for their tasty self-made and daily fresh satay. The patriarch has retired. He has passed down his fine culinary skill to his daughter and in-law now. The authentic taste of traditional goodness and quality has been maintained. Pang's Satay has become a household name to many food lovers, and many of their loyal patrons come from all walks of life and also from all over, even tourists. Be sure to saviour the traditional taste today! MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT!!
Maria Wei Chin Chicken
335 Smith Street Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-176

Only The Asian Know What Is Asian Food and how delicious the food are! If you are looking for the authentic and traditional taste of Soya Sauce Chicken in Chinatown, we would strongly recommend this outlet. Mdm Maria has been cooking this for many years even others are around. She inherited the fine culinary skill from her parents and further enhance the taste using quality ingredients and using daily fresh chicken. You need to taste it to know what delicious. WELL RECOMMENDED OUTLET !!
DFTBA Kitchen
335, Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-119

If you are craving for a good meal of pork rib soup ( Bak Kut Teh ), look no further! Just visit stall #02-119, Chinatown Complex Food Centre. The friendly owner cum chef herself will be happy to serve you their traditional herbal taste of Bak Kut Teh. The soup? you shall be back for more just like the rest of the customers after their first taste. The rich taste of well blended herbal and the pork / ribs taste is very delicious! The meat or pork ribs, is tender and nice. While at this outlet be sure to ask for the other dishes are also their top seller. Price? Least Worries! You will be happy to have your delicious meal here and will be back for more!! MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT !! Foodies Choice !?
Beach Road Tong Nan Prawn Noodle
335, Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-118

Just one bite and you shall return for more. The soup base is very tasty and authentic. Traditional taste of prawn noodle of the early 80s. The ingredient are very fresh and all the food are cook only upon your order. It's pipping hot and good! The owner has some how mastered the skill for cooking this prawn noodle dishes. Although the outlet is quite new in this food centre, but many patrons has return for more. Visit them early as most of the food get sell out fast. YUMMY GOOD !
Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu
335, Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-87/88

Food Lovers and foodies don't just eat here because there have no where else to dine. If you are thinking this is just another Yong Tau Fu stall, than you will miss out what is traditionally Yummy good. The soup base is clear but very tasty and it is well brewed with soya beans and Ikan Bilis. The fresh Yong Tau Fu fish meat is superb! No matter you eat the Yong Tau Fu with any type of noodles or with plain rice, it is very delicious. You got to taste it to know what we are trying to tell. You shall be back for more after the very first bite. MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT !
Warung Soto
335, Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-159

Uniquely A Malay Outlet Selling Delicious Traditional Food In Chinatown! Malay kampong pastries, noodles and rice. Come over to the outlet to taste one of the best here and see for yourself who are the customers. It made up of mostly Chinese customers here. The outlet also have many customers from abroad. The Mee Soto or Soto Ayam here are their top seller here. The pastries ( Kueh ) are just like the good old days. All the food here are daily fresh and self made. Be sure to taste what you may have missed all these years. Sedap!!
Huan Xi Canton Cuisine
335, Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-46/47

Steam Fish Head that many food lovers are talking about. Yes indeed, Huan Xi do serves delicious fresh fish heads in many different ways. Like the fish heads steamed Hong Kong Stlye, with Black Beans, Chai Por and many more. It is yummy good to the last spoonful. The outlet has been in the business for years and is one of the best in Chinatown so far. Many customer are singing praise about their steam fish head and seafood. Their customers came from all over locally and also tourists. Be sure to visit the next time if you are look for a good meal. Well Recommened !
008 Shao La
335, Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-08

JUST ONE BITE AND YOU WILL BE BACK FOR MORE. Yes thats rights. Most of 008 Shao La's customers return for more after their first try. The roasted meat is well done and tasty, no matter it is their roasted meat, duck or Char Siew. The Chef is experience in doing this. One more additional food that other outlet in this complex don't serve, is the Sesame Chicken. ( Restaurant Standard ), you pay food court price! Nice and cheap. Be Sure To Visit 008 Shao La when your are near by. YUMMY GOOD !
Tai Weng Chicken Rice
335, Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-39

One of the pioneer stall in Chinatown area. The owner has been with the father's stall since he was a young teenager. That was in push cart stall along one of the lane nearby. Chicken Rice is our local favourite and having to cook the traditional taste was not easy unless you have the interest to inherited the skill. The owner of Tai Weng did just that. Here you get to savour the traditional taste of chicken. The rice is fragrance and not too oily, the boiled chicken is cook just right, tender. The chilli is must to compliment the rice and the chicken. Therefore, come over to this outlet and enjoy what you may have miss! The other most request item at this Tai Weng outlet is their Double Boiled Soup. Its pure natural sweetness came from the ingredients and quality herbs. Recommended to try the soup! A well recommended outlet without doubts !!?
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