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Circuit Road Blk 79 & 79A Food Centre
Circuit Road Blk 79 & 79A Food Centre


Halal Delicacies
Blk 79A Circuit Road Circuit Food Centre
Stall 01-79

Hala Bak Kut Teh? Well, Yes! Come over and taste it here. The soup is good and the Mutton is soft. Also come over for a wide variety of snack from the local pancake, Goreng Pisang and to many more. Therefore, be sure to pay Halal Delicacies a visit no matter it is for the snack or for the delicious Bak Kut Teh. YUMMY GOOD!


Victor Veggies
Blk 79A Circuits Road,
Circuits Road Food Centre. Stall No #01-92

Normal vegetarian outlet? Wait till you visit them and try what you will be surprise of. At Victor's you will be surprise of what the friendly boss serve you. Yong Tau Foo, Western Food, Wanton and Shrimp Dumpling that tasted delicious and yet better than what you have tasted before. All the food are self prepared and cook daily fresh upon each order. Victor's also sell Satay and Otak. Taste the different today and get hooked !!! Simply Delicious!!! Good Good!!!


Ho Jia Bo? Fishball Minced Meat Noodle
Blk 79 Circuits Road,
Ciruits Road Food Centre, Stall No #01-50

Fishball Minced Meat Noodle that you do not want to miss. Here the friendly Lady Boss cum chef herself has been in this business for awhile and she made all the sauce her own. She ensure that her customers enjoy every bits of her food. The ingredients and the food here are daily fresh from her trusted regular suppliers. Come by today to enjoy what is really a good fishball minced meat noodle is. Yummy Great !


Warong Suka Ramai
Blk 79A Circuit Road. Circuit Road Food Centre Srall # 01 -72

Yummy Nasi Ayam ! Warong Suka Ramai may be new but the food has already attracted many customer returning for more . Although most of them are the residents around the area but the delicious do spread fast. More customers from else where are visiting the stall now. The friendly owner cooks a variety of chicken rice and also fried rice. Black pepper beef fried rice is also one of the top seller there. Mee Hong Kong get sold out fast daily. The sambal here compliment very well. Be sure to go early to get a nice meal here! Cheap and Nice!


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