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Circuit Road Blk 79 & 79A Food Centre
Circuit Road Blk 79 & 79A Food Centre


Chin Choon Thai Food
Blk 79 Circuit Rd Food Centre #01-44

Yummy Thai food that is so delicious even the Thais are dinning here most of the time.The friendly couple owner and chef learnt her skill from a Thai chef many years ago. Since than she decided to serve what she has mastered and have her own food outlet. Just visit the outlet any meal time and you shall be surprised to see a wide veriety of food to choose from the menu. Must Try !!!


Al & Amy Cuisine
Blk 89 Circuit Road #01-118

Delicious traditional Malay food that you must taste. It is one of the better outlet that serves delicious traditional taste. The Nasi Lemak and Nasi Campur here is delicious and so as the noodle. ( As what the saying say Never Try Never Know..! ) The outlet start serving early in the morning also close early. Therefore, be sure to come by early . Bagus And Siok!!


Hainanese Chicken Rice
Blk 79 Circuit Road. Circuit Road Food Centre #01-30

Soya Sauce chicken rice that many are returning for more after their first try. Its tender meat with fragrance rice and special self made chilli complete the whole reason to why many customers are returning for more and some even buy home. The friendly lady owner cum chef herself has been in this trade for many years and she have some how manage to fine tune her culinary skill in cooking her chicken rice. Her Boiled Chicken rice is equally delicious. Her price here is also very reasonable comparing to many others. Be sure to visit this outlet the next time if you are craving for a good meal of soya sauce chicken rice . MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT !


Lai Lai Kitchen
Blk 79 Circuit Road. Circuit Road Food Centre #01-52

Love At First Bite indeed. Be sure to visit Lai Lai if you are craving for traditional Chinese snacks. Here, you will be delighted to see that there is a wide variety and all the produces are hot from the frying pan. The friendly husband and wife team, owners, believes in serving their food hot and fresh. They don't made plentiful at a time to wait for customer to buy. (In this way the taste will no more be delicious). Lai Lai's customers are from all walks of life and not only from nearby residents and work place, but also from afar. Many return for more and also buy back for their love ones. Traditional Chinese Snacks Lovers will never miss this outlet for sure. Delicious and a Well Recommended Outlet !


Hai Ou BBQ - Seafood
Blk 79 Circuit Road. Circuit Road Food Centre #01-47
Branch: Blk 79 Circuit Road. Circuit Road Food Centre #01-51

Fresh Delicious BBQ Seafood with reasonable price is what many foodies will be looking for. Just pop in to Hai Ou to try out what you may be looking for. The seafood are very fresh and the chilli compliment very well with the seafood. The BBQ Sting ray is on the top selling item here. Their chilli crabs and cereal prawns are also most ordered food here. While waiting for your food, you may like to try out the Wu Xiang. MUST TRY Hai Ou's Food ! DELICIOUS without having to burn a hole in your pocket! ?

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