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Commonwealth Zone 01    


156 Mei Shi.
Tanglin Halt Market.
10 th Storey


This stall is popular with many resident around the area but it has also gained popularity with many outsiders as words travel fast. The daily produces and freshly roasted and boiled with Hong Kong secret recipe which the chef has mastered it long ago while working else where. It's a must to try today and the food is always a sell out by 3pm daily. Go early!

Lee Heng Restuarant
Blk 118 Commonwealth
Cresent #01-29

Traditional Good ! Lee Heng has in the Stired Fried Business for years.
The friendly boss believe in serving hot cook upon order quality food to
all customers. The outlet's name is already a house hold name to many
from many parts of the island and is a common dining place for most food
lovers. A list of traditional taste awaits for you to order. Will regret for not
try out !




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