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Geylang Serai

Geylang Serai Food Centre 02    


Hajjah Sadiah Othman
Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre 15 Geylang Serai (S) 409215 #02- 163

Yong Tau Foo has never tasted so good before prepared in malay style. Drop by to Hajjah to taste what you have never before. The small and humble outlet serves a variety of daily fresh prepared Malay Yong Tau Foo like no other does. Go early as most of the time is always sold out.

Rojak And Mee Siam
Geylang Serai Food Centre  #02-12



Indian Rojak that you will love to return for more after the first taste. The young and Friendly owner with his mother team cook the authentic taste of Indian Rojak that many  loyal regular customers  sing praise. The rojak ‘Kuah’ dipping sauce is very good and they also a wide range to choose upon. Their ‘Mama ‘Mee Siam, Needless to explain much. Its            daily sold out!  Make sure you go early before the food is sold out!!

Geylang Briyani Stall
Geylang Serai Food Centre #02-146



One of the best so far in the area. The stall has been in the food centre for years and many of their customers are from all over Singapore and from all walks of lifes. They do have overseas customers too. The briyani rice is non oily and the owner uses the better quality rice to cook. He has inherited the skill from his parents and further enhance the taste of it. The curry or rendang either mutton or chicken is super good going with the briyani. It just compliment well. Be sure to go early as the food here get sell out fast. It is A food lovers' choice and you will return for more.

Sajian Mak Dara
Geylang Serai Food Centre #02-108



Happen to be around Geylang area and craving to have delicious Nasi Lemak or Kampong style Porridge? Sajian Mak Dara serves authentic and traditional taste for both. The rice is fragrance and the sambal is spicy enough to go along. The side dishes? Try their special fried big sotong. You will love every piece of it. The porridge is another top seller here. Be sure to visit the outlet early as most of the food here sell out fast. YUMMY GOOD!

Cendol Geylang Serai
Geylang Serai Food Centre #02-107



The traditional taste of the 60s is still the same till today although the Grandparents have inherited the fine skill of concoction for this drink to the grand children. The coconut milk, Gula malaka compliment very well . The outlet has many customers from all over and from all walks of life. Be sure to grab a cup today ! Good Good!

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