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Haig Road
Haig Road Food Centre

Rahumath Rojak
Haig Road Food Centre Stall 01 - 13

Indian Rojak lovers will never miss this outlet. The food here is daily fresh and has a wide variety to choose for. The gravy is very nice. It compliment very well with the Rojak. Indian Mee Siam is another top seller here. Be sure to come early and it gets sell out fast! Very Yummy With Fast, Friendly Service and a Reasonable Pricing.

Sinar Harapan

Blk 14 Haig Road Market & Food Centre Stall # 01 - 12

Looking for authentic traditional Malay Nasi is not easy now a days. Sinar Harapan is one of the outlet that many customers return for more. Their customers made up of all walks of life and from all over the Island. The owner has inherited the fine culinary skill for cooking these delicious dish from their parents. Come by any time to enjoy what you may be craving for. Be sure to be early as the food and sides sell out super fast. Well recommended Outlet !

Satay Sejati

Blk 14 Haig Road Food Centre Stall # 01 - 23.
( Branch in Geylang Seria Food Centre )

Satay Sejati's name has already well know to many food lovers. Some of their customers came from all walks of life and from all over. Their satay and their Pangang Fish ( Speacial wrapped BBQ Fish ) are the main reason for these customers to return for more. The self made Satay is so tender and he gravy is so good. Even their Mee Rebus is well accepted. Yummy Good.

Haji M.Mohd Noorddin Tea Stall
Haig Road Food Centre #01-26

Thirsty? Masala Tea, Teh Cino, Teh Alia and many more. You will love every glass of it. It specially concocted with the experienced hands of the owner. The family has been in this drink business for years and every glass is a thirst quencher! The regulars come daily to drink here. Be sure to drink what you may not tasted it before. Only @ Haji M Mohd Noorddin Tea Stall ! Best and Shoik!

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