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Maxwell Food Centre
Maxwell Food Centre
Po Po & Na Na Delights
Maxwell Food Centre # 01 - 70.

Looking for something delicious and different? Eurasian and Nonya food? Well, look no further! Just visit Po Po & Na Na in Maxwell Food Centre. Daily fresh and cook. The friendly owner inherited the fine culinary skill from her parents and she has further enhanced the taste. Good Devil Curry is hard to come by today. Here you get to enjoy the authentic taste of it. Babi Pongteh is another hot seller here and so as the Pork Rib Buah Kluak. Sheperd's Pie is something you must miss here. There is a wide range of food here. It is yummy good. Price? Least worry as it is reasonably cheap for this delicious food.. Well Recommended !!

Fu Shun Roasted Meat
Maxwell Food Centre Stall #01-71

Maxwell is a hunting ground for many food lovers. This outlet is one of favorite. The roasted meat here is one of best. Their customer are from all over, Local and Tourists. The owner mastered the skill of roasting meat since young. Now he even improves the taste to suit all his customer . Tradionally delicious!!! The meat is so tender and juicy and all the sauces compliment very well .

Qiu Yin Ban Mian
Maxwell Food Centre Stall #01-59

Wondering where to eat delicious self made noodle, (Ban Mian) ? Visit Qiu Yin to end your craving here. The outlet has gained customers from all over and all walks of life. The ingredients here are daily fresh and the friendly owner brewed soup base wonderfully. It compliment very well with the noodle and you will enjoy till the last spoon of it. Be sure to visit Qiu Yin early as the food get sell out fast. Taste to know what you been missing out all this while. Well recommended !!

Original Soup
Maxwell Food Centre Stall #01-49

Craving for authentic traditional soup? Double boiled with quality herbs, fresh vegetables and roots plus least MSG. The owner has been in this soup business for years and he has master the fine skill of doing so. He uses fresh and quality ingredients to brew his soup. It is natural, tasty and very nutritious. The outlet also serves seafood soup and as well as fish soup to go along with rice. You may also like to choose noodle for a change. Curry Chicken is also yummy good. Must try!?

Aliff Rojak
Maxwell Food Centre Stall #01-101

Looking for delicious Indian food will not be easy when you are in the CBD area. Come over to Aliff to enjoy what you have been looking for. The friendly owner cum chef himself and his relatives has been cooking these foods since their younger days helping their parents. The Indian Rojak here is very Yummy and the dipping gravy compliment well . The food here are daily fresh and you will be back for more. Just come by any meal time and you will notice the outlet's customer make up of many office worker near by and also afar. Many has return for more after their first taste

Tian Cheng Food
Maxwell Food Centre Stall #01-22

If The Boss Of This Stall retired, you will never has this type of taste any more. The outlet was formerly from the old Tiong Bharu market and food centre. That was before the renovation of the whole area. The taste is very traditional and it is just like the old time. The outlet has already gain many praises and their customers are not only locals, but also from all tourists. Be sure to come early as the food here get sell out very fast. WELL RECOMMENDED OUTLET.

D' Johara
Maxwell Food Centre Stall 01 - 24
Main Company : D'Johara Wedding Palace
1076 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328180

Authentic Traditional Malay Food in town. Food Lovers will never miss this stall if there have tasted it. Although the outlet maybe new in this food centre but it has already gained many regular customer. Their fast selling food are items like Nasi Lemak, Lontong, Mee Rebus and Mee Soto in the morning. As the lunch hour draw near, you see the customers coming for their Nasi Padang and the other noodle dishes. SEDAP! D' Jahara has another company that cater for all types of occasion, like weddings. Well Recommended !

Hong Feng Seafood White Bee Hoon
Maxwell Food Centre Stall #01-83

White Bee Hoon! Heard of it. Ever taste one? Come over to Maxwell Hong Feng stall 83 to taste delicious White Bee Hoon. Here you can choose either the prawn, flower crab or cray fish white been hoon. All noodle will come with sea shells, 'La La'. The food here are fresh and the friendly owner just knew the fine art of cooking it. This is also one food to choose from their menu. All are equally good. Prices here are also very reasonable. Try to know what is delicious and you will be returning for more! YUMMY GOOD!

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