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Mei Chin Rd

Mei Chin Road    


Phoenix Garden
stall # 02 -44 Mei Chin Market
And Food Centre. Mei Chin Road.


This outlet make its own carrot cake daily fresh. The friendly owner has been doing this for years and his outlet's name , Phoenix Garden has been well known to many residents staying around and also afar. The outlet serves only two types of fried carrot cake. The normal black one and the plain white. Business hours start early and also end early around 3pm daily. Go early to avoid dissapoinment! Delicious...!
938 Indian Food
Stall #02-08 Mei Chin Road
Mei Chin Market and Food Centre.


Indian food at IT'S BEST!

If you are at the food centre and looking for delicious indian food, why not try 938? Surprise to see a friendly fair lady asking what food order would you like to have? She makes her prata upon every order and fresh. Other food are equally delicious! Try out her curry dishes. SIMPLY Yummy!

Ah Pang Steamboat Seafood
Stall #02-21 Mei Chin Road
Mei Chin Market and Food Centre.

Steamboat just like Mummy's way of cooking. The soup base is simply deliciout with added side dishes. How did they do it? Just years in this business and using fresh quality ingredients which answer it all. the steam fish head is another top seller here, their fish is so fresh with the compliment of their specially made sauce taste like wonder. Don't miss it!!
Tan Song Heng
Mei Chin Market & Food Centre. Mei Chin Road.
Stall No # 02 - 40

Still remember the delicious fried noodle stall in Newton Food centre? Look no futher guys, they are now at Jalan Bukit Merah , ( Look out for the address on the left. After all these years, the taste is still the same. Yummy delicious. The fried cockle kway teow and the Hokkien mee is still their top seller here. Be sure to payhtem a visit to reunite your taste buds. One Of The Best.
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