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Mei Chin Rd

Mei Chin Road    


Dinie's Malay Food
Blk 159 Mei Chin Road. Mei Lin Food Centre Stall #02-45

Looking for delicious Malay food while in Jalan Bukit Merah? Look no further than Dinie's . The friendly chef himself serve one of the better Malay food. Its tradition taste and cooked. The owner has been a chef before and he has been cooking for Royal Family too. Must try the Ayam Bakar here, Nasi Lemak and most of the noodle dishes. Shiok and sedap!!!


Heng Long BBQ Chicken Rice
Blk 159 Mei Chin Road. Mei Lin Food Centre Stall #02-42

Delicious chicken rice that you must try. The friendly owner is in this business for some years and he has master the culinary skill of cooking this food. The roasted chicken is yummy good and the meat is tender. The rice is not too oily and it goes well with the chicken and other meat, like the roasted pork and Char siew. The price here is also reasonable and good service. Must Try !!!
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