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Newton Food Centre
Newton Food Centre
Newton Food Centre #01-56

The one and only Pirate's Seafood in Newton Food Centre. Please Avoid Touting Advices. Please go direct to the actual outlet at #01-56 for order. Taste the fresh delicious seafood here.The outlet has been here for years and won many praises from many seafood lover all over. The seafood is daily fresh and cook upon every order. The chefs here has years of cooking experience and skills in cooking out a wide variety of delicious seafood items upon your taste choice. The crabs, prawns and lobsters are their top seller here. Be sure to order only at Pirate's Seafood stall number 01-56 for the better taste and price!! Strongly recommended !!!

Chan Chan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee
Newton Food Centre Stall No #01-24

Mouth watering fried Hokkien prawn that you should not miss. It is delicious and one plate is never enough! The ingredients are fresh and the chilli is good. The carrot cake here is also yummy. Must Try when you are at newton. Delicious!

Indian Palace
Newton Food Centre Stall No #01-44 and #01-64

Looking for good Northern Indian food. Look no further when you are around Newton area. Just pop over to stall #01-44 or #01-64, and you will be delighted to enjoy what you wanted. The owner cum chef himself has been in the business for awhile here and many regular customers return for more each time. The customers make up of tourists and also from all walks of life. The food here is delicious and fresh. For the price? Don't have to worry much. It is very reasonable. MUST TRY!

Sheng Da BBQ Seafood
Stall 2 Newton Food Centre

Fresh Seafood with experienced chef is what your value for money worth for. At stall 2 there is a wide range of food that you will be happy to choose. Their signature dishes are dish like Chiili Crab, Tiger Prawns, Cereal Prawn, sea shell and many more. The price here are also reasonable. A well recommended outlet!!

Nasi Lemak House
Newton Food Centre Stall No #01-54

Nasi Lemak that you will return for more after the first spoonful. The rice is very lemak fragrance and the sambal is power. The side dishes of many variety are very fresh and well marinated like the good old days! If you are not in the mood for rice, try out their Mee Siam, Mee Rebus and Lontong . Sedap and shiok ! If you got what we mean, just visit them and enjoy what you have been craving for! YUMMY GOOD MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT !!

Kwee Heng
Newton Food Centre Stall No #01-13

Delicious Chicken and Duck rice awaits you. Kwee Heng is one of the few pioneer stall owner here and the friendly owner has been in business since his younger days. The traditional taste of boiled chicken and the yummy taste of braised ducks, The meats are tender and all the sauces compliment very well with either the noodle or rice. Kway Chap is another hot seller here,The braised pig's viscera are well cooked and the dipping chilli is good too. Well Recommended Outlet !!?

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