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Telok Ayer Food Centre

Telok Ayer Food Centre    


靚湯 . 品湯
No. 2 & 9 Stanley Street

Traditional taste of home brewed soup in Central Business is hard to come by. Looking for one? Just walk along Stanley street and you'll be greeted by two soup outlets, No 2 and 9. With brightly litted and amble sitting ambience, the outlet serves at least nine types of long hours brewed soup. Their soup are :- Lotus Roots with scallop & peanut, Palace herbal Chicken, Ginseng Cordyceps Chicken, Winter Melon Nourishing and etc.... Don't worry about the price. Its reasonable and yummy delicious. Be sure to go early as the soup sell out fast. WELL RECOMMENDED!


EE Prawn Noodle
Telok Ayer Street. Telok Ayer Food Centre #02-120

Craving for a delicious bowl of Prawn noodle while in CBD area? Search no futher. Just come by to EE at Telok Ayer Food centre, upper level, #02-120 to end your cravings. The friendly owner here believes in serving you quality Deep sea prawn and fresh pork & ribs. Its daily fresh from the market. The soup base is brewed with pure natural ingredients only. Artificial flavouring and sweeteners are never been use here! You need to taste the goodness here to realise what you have not before! Well Recommended Outlet !!!


Fishii Tales
Telok Ayer Street. Telok Ayer Food Centre #01-54
Branch: Hock Lye Prawn Noodle and Lor Mee
Ghim Moh Food Centre #01-54

Just one bite and you shall be back for more! Foodies' Top Choice for this delicious fishball noodle. Bouncy and so fresh. The fish cakes is as good. The clear soup base is naturally sweet without extra artificial ingredients. You must try it to know what is authentic and traditionally good from the 70s. As the prawn noodle and Lu Mian, Ghim Moh branch serves the best there. Another main attraction in that food centre without a second thought. Well Recommended Outlet without a word!


Yishun Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle - Fried Kway Teow
Telok Ayer Street. Telok Ayer Food Centre #02-106

Fried Kway Teow that taste like the good days are hard to come by today! Those were the days where owners use either fire wood or charcoal to fried the Kway Teow. Today all are using gas method frying their noodle. The taste will not be the same as the oldies, but if the owner know how, the taste is near to it. Well this outlet fried their noodle near to the good old days taste. The food are fresh and so as the ingredients. Come by any meal time and you will be delighted with what this outlet serves you. Good Old Days Taste !

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