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Zion Road

Zion Road    


Fresh Food Corner
Zion Road. Zion River Side Food Centre. #01-

Healthy, daily fresh double brew soup and fish soup here! Tasty and fresh . You will be back for more after you have tasted it. The outlet has many customers from all walk of life and from all parts of Singapore. The friendly boss use quality herbs and other daily fresh ingredients to brew his soup. A must to try if you are looking for herbal soup. A Recommended Outlet!!


River Side (Fishball and Minced Meat Noodle)
Zion Road. Zion River Side Food Centre. #01-

Simple and delicious noodle. This outlet is one of the oldest outlet here, and many regular customers are returning for more is they are looking for a nice noodle meal. It is very traditional and tasty. The dry Mee Suar here is also special. You got to taste it to know what we meant. No Matter What Must Try!!


Boon Tong Kee Braised Duck
Zion Road , Zion River Side Food Centre #01-24

Braised duck never tasted so delicious until you taste what Boon Tong Kee serves. The duck here are well braised and the sauces are not salty. The meat is tender. The Kway Chap is another hot seller item here. Very good. The chilli and sauce are all self made. Come early as the food get sell out fast!


Zion House Of Dessert
Zion Road, Zion River Side Food Centre #01-24

Looking for a good dessert stall that serves a wide variety of dessert while you are near town? Come over to Zion House Of Dessert to enjoy what you want. The friendly owner will be happy to serve you what you want and recommend you the hot selling items. It refreshing Yummy good.


Ding Xiang Soya Sauce Chicken
Zion Road, Zion River Side Food Centre #01-29

Tender Juicy Soya Sauce Chicken with fragrant rice is Ding Xiang signature dish. Salted Egg Chicken is some thing Singapore very new dish and the only one selling this. The taste? Its very delicious and it is a must to taste it! The chef here created this new dish to serves those who do want the some chicken rice thing. Also their black pepper chicken is different. A fine culinary indeed. Be sure to come by early as the dishes finish fast. One Of The Best So Far!

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