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Fresh Produce (DURIAN)
Fresh Produce (DURAIN)
Ah Seng Durian
Blk 20 Ghim Moh Market # 01 - 119 to 122

Craving for good durians? Ah Seng is the one when you are along Holland, Ghim Moh and nearby. Ah Seng as been in this location for years and has already has his reputation built for selling good durians of many names. The price is reasonable and friendly & fast services. Good Good!
Soon Gua Malaysia Durians.
Blk 25A Chai Chee Rd ( 461025 )

When you are in the East part of Singapore, go to Soon Guo Malaysia Durian for your money worth. Its daily fresh and many regular customers return for more. Their price is reasonable and good quality durians from Malaysia plantations. Taste to know how Good it is.
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