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Fresh Produce @ TEKKA MARKET

Chee Boon & Son
Blk 665 Bufflo Road
Tekka Centre / Market
Stall # 01 - 152 / 153.

Looking for fresh fruits can be interesting at this outlet. Chee Boon And Son sells fresh fruits from all part of the world. Mainly local but you maybe surprise to see Berries, Cherries and other type of fruits from Western Countries. The owner has been in this business for years and always asks the friendly owner for help if you can’t see what you are looking for.



Joe's Butchery       
Blk 665 Bufflo Road Tekka Centre / Market
Stall # 01 - 111 / 112 / 113 / 114

One of the best meat stall here. For once you may think you are buying fresh meat at the supermarket. The clean and neatly layout outlet sells beef from any cuts. The owner Mr. Joe, has been working with big supermarkets as a master butcher before. Therefore, if you are looking for any special parts of the cow that you wanted, go to Joe's. (Daily fresh Beef, Lamb and Chickens) Your meal can never go wrong withthe good hands of Joe's!



Lee Chin Han Vegetable Trading
Blk 665 Bufflo Road
Tekka Centre / Market
Stall No # 01 - 180 - 184 & 186 - 187

Where to buy different types of fresh vegetable at one place? Just go the Lee Fresh Vegetable stall. You get to see rows of different fresh vegetables here. Can say, 'you name it, you get it'. The owner, Mr Lee has been in this business for a long time and he gets his supplies from many trusted regular wholesalers. He ensured that all his vegetables are fresh and also to meet the demands of the buyers. His customers come all walks of life and from all parts.



Yee Cheng Fresh Squid & Prawns
Blk 665 Bufflo Roadf
Tekka Centre / Market
Stall No # 01-07 - 11

Cooking seafood dishes and where to buy fresh one? Go to Yee Cheng. The outlet sells very fresh seafood that most seafood lovers go. Prawns squids and fishes from all sizes are daily fresh direct from the fishery wholesaler. The price is reasonable. A recommended fresh seafood outlet indeed!

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