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Balestier/ Whampoa Road
Balestier/ Whampoa Road
333 Bak Kut Teh
325 Balestier Road

If you are looking a bowl of delicious traditional taste of Bak Kut Teh the famous 333, look no further then 333 Bak kut teh. The owner has has learnt the art of cooking from his master when she was young. Today, she still maintained the original taste and also use daily fresh ingredients. The soup is yummy and so as his self-made chilli. Must Try...!


Glad Tiding
Blk 86 Whampoa Drive, #01-943

Visit Glad Tiding and you will be welcome by the showcase of wide range of cakes, buns and cakes in slices and whole. Their bread here is daily fresh bake and its tender and soft. Every item here is a master piece as it has its own yummy taste of goodness. Be sure to visit them!


Yi Pin Lan
Balestier Road Balestier Market
( Food Centre ) Stall 11

Yummy Chinese food in wok and mini steamboat. Deliciously prepared and marinated by experience owners cum chefs. Reasonable price with such delicious food. Must try to know the different between local cuisines. Must try !!


King's Roasts
Balestier Road Balestier Market
( Food Centre ) Stall 08

What do you think if the owner is a chef for many years before and also won medals? Also featured in mass media. The verdict? Deliciously good and A well recommended outlet that you must try! The food here are specially marinated and daily fresh by the owner himself and all the roasted meat are roasted to perfection. The sauces here are also self made and it compliment very well with the food. Well And Strongly Recommended !!



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