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Bt Batok Zone
Bukit Batok
283 Rojak And Pancake
Blk 283 Bukit Batok East Ave 3 # 01-285 Inside Thong Jai Eating House Stall next to the drink counter

Ready for a good nice snack? Well, this small outlet serves one of the best in Bukit Batok area.The Pancakes comes with many filling of your choice and it compliment well. The Rojak, Mmmmm Mmm' One plate is never enough...! ' The self made sauce and chilli for their Rojak will make you ordering for more. A must to try...!

LS Nasi Lemak & Mix Vegetable Rice
Blk 283 Bukit Batok East Ave 3 #01-285
Inside Thong Jai Eating House Stall No. 01

A good Breakfast meal? Economical Noodle and Nasi Lemak, is Ls's top seller. You can see that most workers before going to work,ordering their breakfast here. ( Reason? DELICIOUS and Reasonable Price) Later of the day onwards, Ls serves a wide of pipping hot dishes to go along with the rice. Their Sambal Stingrays, fishes and pork chops are very popular. It is always their sld out top item. Make sure to be early to taste their top seller. Deliciously Good...!
Chai Xiang Chuang Thong Mei Shi
Blk 271 Bukit Batok East Ave 4
# 01 -160 ( 650271 )Stall No. 6B

Self made noodle that Koreans sung praise. Many Korean working near-by normally dine here as they claimed the noodle is delicious. The stall also serves yummy Lu Main and traditional Lakse. All ingredients are daily fresh the owner self-made thier noodle. The friendly husband and wife team has been in the business for years and has gain many regular customers. Dont Miss them....! Delicious!

Tip Top Seafood
Blk 376 Bukit Batok, Street 31,
#01-126 Singapore 650376

Having to celebrate love one occasion or just having a simple meal? Tip Top never fail to serve a delicious hot meal. The food is very reasonable in the price and it is daily fresh from the market. The Chef, Mr Wong have won many awards in cooking competitions and he has been in this line for years. The outlet has many signature dishes and you will be glad to be introduced. Once you have tasted the food here, you will return for more and this what happen to many foodies. The regular customers don't only make up of the residents here but also from all over the island and from all walks of life. Its a must to try! WELL RECOMMENDED OUTLET !!!

Blk 134 Bukit Batok West Ave 6 #01-463
Singapore 650134

Looking for a delicious traditional Malay meal? Look no further and just pay a visit to this outlet. You will be delighted at what they can serve you. Mee Rebus, Mee Soto, Satay and even Chinese Style Fried Carrot cake. Grading of the food between 1 to 10? 8 is what we grade them. That is some thing you should consider the next time if you are looking for a delicious meal. Price? You will pay with a smile for sure ! MUST TRY !!

Blk 134 Bukit Batok West Ave 6 #01-463
Singapore 650134

Fine Malay Traditional Snacks is not easy to find today. What's more if you are looking for daily fresh and self made? Well, end your long craving at Sharifahdiana. The Malay kueh, Chinese style Popiah, Rojak & Kuehs are one of the up to standard to date. Sharifahdiana's customers made up of all walks of life and from all over the Island. The owner has been in this business for years and she has fine tune her culinary skill in making these snacks. WELL RECOMMENDED OUTLET !

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