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BT Timah & Holland

Bukit Timah & Holland Rd Zone 01    


Roll Biryani Roll
Blk 40, Holland Drive #01-39

A different twist biryani? Well, come over to taste something different and thing is more on the go type of people. You can just order your biryani in a wrap and eat it. These are more for busy and go to be on the run. While if you are able to dine there please let there serves you a full range. The food is very nice and very Nothern Indian. YUMMY GOOD!




Bangkok Thai Food
144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
#04-67 Beauty World Ctre

Delicious Thai food that you should not miss! The Thai owner cum chef himself has many years of experience working in Singapore restaurants. All his food is specially prepared and cooked upon every order. Simply Delicious!


7th Mile Coffee Shop
18 Toh Yi Drive # 01-97

The 7th Mile Coffee Shop has been established for more 30 years, since it opens at Tok Yi Drive. They have just renovated the coffee shop to change its ambience into a modern eating house with quality food. At 7th Mile Restaurant, one would find an exotic feast of delicious fusion dishes that are newly creations of its top chefs. Their famous pig trotters are a sold out item. You also have to try out their new hokkien style claypot bak kut teh, absolutely tasteful and generous with their ingredients. A Must try!
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