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Changi Zone 01
Changi Zone 1

Har Yasin
48A Changi Road

Har Yasin serves one of the freshest made thosai in Geylang Serai, customers keep coming back for more. Their speciality is their indian rojak, cooked with the fleshly made fried dough fresh from their second back kitchen. Many Customers' all time favourite is their different range of nasi padang. The food portion is good. A must try!!

Herbal Soup
Blk 59 Upper Changi Road #01-1260

Health Is Wealth! Brewed soup in earthern pot is hard to come by . The specially hand pick herbs blend in the ingredient is another point for good soup. The friendly owner and his wife specially prepare the ingredient and herbs each day to maintain its quality and freshness in each pot of soup. They have a wide variety of soup for you to choose. From tonic to normal one. Soup Lovers will not miss them!

The Original Yes Boss Food Corner
Blk 4 Changi Village Road. #01-2078
Changi City Point
Changi Business Park Central 1 Food Court

One of the best in Changi area so far. Very Authentic and delicious. Well if you are looking for a good Northern Indian or Pakistani's food while in the eatern part of Singapore, just visit Yes Boss. You will delighted with the wide variety of food the outlet can serve you. All the food are daily fresh and cook upon every order on the spot by the friendly owner cum chef. BE SURE TO VISIT YES BOSS
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