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Chinatown Zone 01
Chinatown Zone 2
58 Prawn Noodle & Meat Noodle
Chinatown Food Centre Stall No. # 02-054

Yummy Good Prawn and Minced Pork Noodle In Chinatown. This outlet serves one of the             best so far in this area. The friendly owner cooks his ingredients daily fresh. He also self his chili to compliment his noodle. The soup, very nice with natural sweetness. Must Try to know what we are trying to recommend. Worth It !!
Hai Huang Foong Chi Cooked Food
Chinatown Food Court. Stall # 01 - 064

Looking for simple traditional congee? Taste like home food? Well, look no further as this outlet will not dissapoint you for sure. The owner has been in the business for years and they maintain their taste till today. Reason? The regulars customers have been eating here since they opened. Drop by today to taste the traditional taste !
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