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Jurong West
Jurong West
Hai Nan Hometown Curry Rice
Blk 505 Jurong West Street 52 # 01-41

Asian's favourite Curry. Not many chinese knew how to cook delicious curry dishes like this outlet do. The friendly husband and wife team has been doing this for some years already and their outlet's name has became the household name to many residents around and also regular customers who always come back for more.Their customers came from all walks of life and from all over. The outlet serves chicken, fish, vegetable,pork rib, mutton, pork and fish head curry. They even specially order their Bread Buns for customers to enjoy it. Its just delicious to tell you how good except you need to taste it yourself. Must Try..!


Guan Kee Lor Duck
Blk 651 Pioneer Rd #01-02
(next to pioneer mrt station)

The aromatic flavoured roast duck & Kway Chap have drawn many regulars in Pioneer Rd. The dishes are freshly prepared daily, marinated with finest combination of spices and grilled to perfection. Another highly recommended 'MUst Try' dishes are the Lor Duck and Kway Chap which are the in house specialities that will defintely leave an impression and making you want to come back for more

Million Fishball Noodle
(Manage by Mr Lim Ling Seng)
Blk 130 Jurong Gate Road, #01-211 (000130)

Fishball noodle that food lover will go for. Bouncy and tender. The sauce for the noodle is very nice and compliment very nicely with the noodle. The braised chicken feet noodle and the Laksa here is a must to try. Wonderfully delicious. The next time if you are around the Western side of Singapore, be sure to come to the outlet to have a delicious bowl of noodle. No regrets for sure. Well Recommended!

Salmaan Food Paradise
Blk 338 Jurong East Ave 1 #01-1640
Branch : Blk 482 Jurong West street 41 #01-260

From delicious Roti Prata to Thai seafood and mixed vegetable rice. All daily fresh and delicious! The chefs here just knew how to cook the food. Here you will be delighted to find a wide range of food to your choice in their menu. The curry here is spicy and it compliment very well with the food. The drinks? Very good range of choice too and also good sitting area with fast and friendly services. Don't have to worry much about the price as it is reasonably cheap for these delicious food. So be sure to come by if you are hungry for good delicious food.

Hot Hot Ayam Penyet
3, Yuan Ching Road #01-01 Stall 12
(Inside Sheng Shiong Food Court)
Branch : Blk 508 Jurong West St52 (In side Kopitiam Food Court Stall 3)

Delicious and very traditional. Hot Hot has been in the business for some time in Jurong area and their pool of regular customers came from all walks of life and even the residents living near by. The food are daily fresh, marinated and cook like the Indonesians do. The self made sambal is very good and compliment very well with the food. The next time when you are around the area be sure to pop over to Hot Hot early as most of their food sell out fast. MUST TRY !!! SEDAP!!!

ITA AMAN Chicken Rice
Blk 498 Jurong West Street 41 #01-426

SEDAP !! Traditional Chicken Rice and Noodle cook and own by Muslim owner. The outlet serves delicious traditional chicken rice and noodle like the Chinese Style. It is all cooked the same way as the friendly lady owner formerly learnt the fine culinary skill in cooking this through her former employer. She has indeed mastered the fine art! The rice is aromatic and not too oily. The fried chicken is tender and tasty going along very well with the rice and noodle. Wanton and Char Siew Chicken Noodle here is another top seller . Many return for more and ITA's customers made up of many races and nationalities from all over the island. SEDAP...D!!! MUSY TRY !

Ci Xiu Villa
Blk 494 Jurong West St 41 #01-138

Every foodies will loves what Ci Xiu serves. Authentic traditional Chinese vegetarian healthy snack for all time. From simple Yu Tioa to Mee Siam and Glutenous Rice that you should not miss. All the food here are daily freshly make and the friendly owners self make all of it. Visit Ci Xiu early as the food sell out fast and the owners do not mass produce the food. Yummy good and a Good snack for any time and celebration. MUST TRY !!!

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