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Bedok Zone 01
Bedok Zone 1
Ask Delights
Blk 208B New Upper Changi Road. #01-53 (Next To Bedok Mall)

Western food that food lovers will return for more. If you are craving for a good meal of Western food, look no further. Come over to Ask Delights and you will be glad of who the humble outlet do serves. The food here are specially marinated daily fresh before cooking it. The sauces here are self made with quality ingredients. Price? Worth every bite and very reasonable for these delicious food. ' Ask' also serves Chinese food like Pau, Siew Mai and finger food. Well Recommended.!
Nam Moo Ka Ta (Thai Kitchen)
Blk 704, Bedok Reserviour #01-3624

Thai BBQ Steamboat? A place that serves delicious Thai BBQ steamboat and with a wide range of side dishes for you to choose upon your liking. The marinating of the all the food is done Thai ways and the chilli here are also self made. The price is reasonable and friendly service. It is well recommended !
AS Seafood Soup
Blk 412 Bedok North Ave 2, Inside Yue Hua Food Place

Let your craving for delicious seafood soup stop here , AS Seafood ! It is not like the normal outlet like others. Using daily fresh seafood of prawns, fish and even crayfish soup. Just choose your liking choice. Their braised pig's trotters is also very nice. It goes well with a complete meal of seafood soup and a yummy braised pig's trotter. Try to know what is it about. MUST TRY !!
Lin Lin Vegetarian Delights
Blk 412 Bedok Ave 2 #01-114 Singapore 460312

Successfully operating for more than 25 years in Singapore, Lin Lin Vegetarian offers something very different from many other Chinese vegetarian food outlets. Lin Lin serves innovative Chinese vegetarian gourmet, and you will be delighted to see a huge variety of choices in their menu, namely their top seller like the Shark's Fin Soup, Yam Ring, Pandan Chicken and Pineapple Rice. A must to try is their newly introduced Birdnest Soup. Savoury but not sweet, every mouthful is filled with strands of crunchy ' birdnest'. Lin Lin is well known among the vegetarian community in Singapore, all because of their delicious food, a large variety of dishes to choose from. fast & friendly service and last but not least, the price is very reasonable. Even non - vegetarian diners are returning for more after their first taste with Lin Lin. Highly Recommended.
Q Ko Mian
Blk 18. Bedok South Road #01-45

The Delicious Taste Of Sarawak & Kuching noodle is now in Bedok. The Sarawak Kolo Mee and Kuching Laksa are two of the famous dishes that many home locals eat daily. The Sarawak Kolo Mee look like our local wanton noodle, except that there are minced meat added. The sauce are different as it's not too spicy nor too saltish or sweet. The mixture is very well complimented with the noodle. Normally eaten dry. ( Yummy Good ) As for the famous Kuching Laksa, dont expect to be like our Laksa here. Its more water comparing to our Nonya Laksa and much more mild than our traditional Sungei Road one. Again the concoction of the ingredients in the gravy make a wonder of this dish. Words just can't talk further. You must visit Q Ko Mian to realise the delicious yummy taste of the noodle. Good Good !
Wanton Noodle House Since 1980
312 Bedok Road, Bedok Market Place

Taste of the traditional wanton noodle like in the 80s. Although the outlet is new in the area, but the friendly owner has been this business with their parents since the early 80's. Today in this comfortable air-con ambience, the owner still maintained the same traditional standard of the taste. Other than their main signature dish, the wanton noodle, you may also like to try out their equally delicious side dishes like the fried chicken wings, special braised pork and their self made Ngoh Hiang. Their self-made dumpling is another hot seller here and as well as the braised chicken feet noodle. After all these yummy food, quench your thirst with their home made fresh drinks like the calamansi juice and the bandung with grass jelly. A wonderful meal worth paying for ! A Well Recommended Outlet !
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