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Bishan Zone 01
Bishan Zone

I Chick And Wok In Fun
Blk 150 Bishan Street 11 # 01 - 139

End your craving for Western Food at I Chick. Delicious daily fresh food awaits you. The food is specially marinated before going into the cooking pots or pans. Friendly and fast service is an added asset here and be sure to visit them today

Dynasty Ipoh Seafood
Blk 151 Bishan Street 11 # 01 - 195
Business Hours are:
11 am to 3pm
4pm to 10 pm
The outlet closed Monday of the month. on every third

Porridge Fried? Yes, you don't hear or see it wrong. Yet it delicious! Try it out at Dynasty. You will love it till the last spoon! The outlet's menu has a good variety of other equally delicious dishes too. Their specially marinated Salted Egg Prawns in the clay pot and the pork rib are their hot seller here. Fried dark noodle is also well recommended here. It is something you will be back for more. The other seafood dishes is also a must here If you have been to Ipoh, Malaysia, you will know what it is. The taste is just like you are there! YUMMY GOOD AND WELL RECOMMENDED OUTLET!

Pondok Nasi Padang
Blk 282 Bishan Street 22 # 01 - 153
Bishan North Shopping Mall.

If you are craving for delicious Malay Rice while in Bishan area, just look no further an visit Pondok Nasi Padang. Your craving end here. A wide variety of daily fresh dishes awaits for you to choose upon. The spicy dishes are yummy good and it compliment well with the other non spicy dish. Many first time who tried the food here are returning for more. The price is also very reasonable and enjoy the friendly service. MUST TRY !!!​

Fu Hui Wanton Mee & Lor Mee
Blk 150A Bishan Street 11
# 01 - 161
( Inside Rong Fa Eating House

Happen to be in Bishan and wondering what is nice? Why dont just pop over to Lu Hui for a delicious meal of Wanton Noodle the traditional taste of Lu Mian. The Outlet has be at Bishan for years and has already gained its reputation to many for have tried. During the lunch hours, you will be surprised to see many customers from nears offices and also those living nearby. The ingredients are fresh and the food is all cooked upon order to maintain the tastiness. Must try...!

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