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Bugis Street
Bugis Street
Li Yuan Nasi Padang
149 Rocher Rd, Fu Lu Shou Complex
#B1-22 Stall 3

The Nasi Padang with a Chinese twist is outstanding! Cooked by native Chef who has years of experience under her good hands. The menu in this restaurant speaks for itself on the type of true malaysian cusine. Their chilli is simply fabulous and big serving. Extremely HOT! The outlet also serves set menus for those who prefer la menu. Their price is very reasonable. A MUST TRY!
Tian Fu Delicacy
52 Queens St, tastebud foodcourt Stall 5

If you are looking for authentic hot and spicy chinese food, you can try this stall at tastebud foodcourt in bugis, their food is freshly prepared and tasteful delight of the szechun province. Come and try this reasonably priced delights today!
Diao Xiang Vegetarian Food
190 Middle Rd #01-01
Fortune Center

Authentic Healthy Delicious Food that you will not want to miss. The owner is able to cook a wide menu of delicious vegetarian dishes fresh daily. The outlet also serves the daily noodle and rice with side dishes. Look no further than Diao Xiang if you want a good vegetarian meal. Its Simply Delicious..!!!

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