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East Coast Road

East Coast Road Zone 01    




Just Thai
865 Mountbatten Road (437844)
B1 - 132 Katong Shopping Centre

Craving for Yummy Thai food can't be easy while along Katong area. Just Thai must just start their establishment but many who have tried the food here will retueb return for more. The nature wife from Thailand just knew the finer art of culinary skill from her parents and are now serving the skill to you. The food are daily fresh and are cook on the spot upon each order. Be sure to enjoy the wonderful Thai Taste here!



Fried Food Delights ( Manage By Wang Sheng Management Group )
East Coast Lagoon Food Centre Stall No 21

Craving for delicious Fried Carrot Cake, Noodle or Oysters egg while along the East Coast beach? Well, crave no more as this Stall 21 serves delicious food that will end your cravings! The Fried Carrot cake here is very authentic and taste like the sixties. The Fried Hokkien Mee , you will return for more and so as the cockles fried kway teow, The Fried Oyster egg, you must not miss this one. Yummy Good! The food are daily fresh and the sauces and chilli here goes along well with the food. MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT !!



Ah Hwee BBQ Chicken Wings & Spring Chicken
Stall 14, East Coast Lagoon Food Village

If you are thinking that it another BBQ chicken wings outlet, wait till you try one. The humble outlet has been selling this BBQ Chicken wings for many years and has gained many dinners heart with their delicious BBQ wings. The friendly owner marinated his chicken wings hours ahead before he BBQ it. He uses charcoal to maintain the tastiness of the produces just like good old time. The self made chilli is good too. Make sure you get to taste Ah Hwee's BBQ Chicken Wing when you are at this place.




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