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Geylang Zone
Geylang Zone
Yuu Xiang Dam
340 Geylang Rd # 01-14
Singapore 389365.
In Between Geylang Lor 16 and 18.

Traditional Dessert That Is Hard To Come By! If you are looking for one, look no further than Yuu Xiang Dam. The friendly owner cooks all his dessert which non came from the factory. Enjoy with easy. As you are there, you many like to try out the on the spot make pancake with feeling to your choice. This is going to be a food lovers' corner soon! Must Try No Matter What !

Meng Li Penang Assam Laksa
114 Sims Avenue
( Lor 15 Geylang )

What do you think if native Penang people are eating here most of the time? The owner has be selling this authentic Penang Asam Laksa for years. He use fresh qualiy fish to brew his gravy. Above that he alsouse the original penang noodle. This is some thing you must try it out as you dont easily get it here.  Yet the price is normal coffee shop pricing! While at this outlet you may realise the outlet also sell prawn noodle and pork rib soup too. Verdict ? as good!

Meng Li Seafood
114 Sims Avenue
( Off Lor 15 Geylang )

Geylang is plantiful of food but not many come close to Meng Li Seafood. They have a wide range of delicious food for you to choose and as well to suit your budget. Their Curry fish head is very nice. Crabs cook in many styles and ways. Crab bee hoon is one of which you must try out. Yummy nice! Best way is to ask the server for their signature dishes and menu. Strongly Recommended!

P & Z Eating House
135 Geylang Road
(Near To Lor 3)
Singapore 389226

Looking around for delicious Malay food? Look no further than P & Z. They have been in the food business for years and was formerly from Lor 1. The famous Malay stall in the old corner coffee shop. Still serving the traditional Mee Rebus, Mee Siam,Nasi Lemak and the authentic Nasi Padang. Daily fresh, friendly service and resonable price. Be sure to be early as the food sell out fast. Yummy Good.

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