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Geylang Zone
Geylang Zone
He Peng Claypot Rice Restaurant
148 Sims Ave ( Lor 19 Geylang)

A well recommended outlet that many food lovers dine here. Although their claypot rice is one of the longest signature dish here, but there are more which you must not miss while you are here. Food that you should try out are dishes like He Peng signature pork with leek, deep fried seafood tafu,chilli steam fish, deep fried salted prawn, braised frog in claypot and many more in the menu list. Price? Fear not. It's worth paying for this reasonable price for all the delicious food that you will enjoy to the last spoon. MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT!

Soi 51 Mookata
51 Guillemard Road

Mookata, a traditional Thai way of BBQ. The side dishes consisted of assorted marinated fresh meats like pork, beef, mutton and chicken. Seafood is also a must here and going along with other side delicacies. Fish balls & cakes, Tofu and many more. Well, fresh vegetables complete the whole course. The tastiness comes from the daily freshness and also the careful hands of the chef for the correct marination. Be sure to come to Soi 51 for an enjoyable meal with your friends and love one! Good Good!! Very Reasonable Price!!

Pho Le Han
No 2 Lor 29 Geylang Yin Chuan Building ( 388058 )

Ngon Waaa... (Yummy or Delicious...) Yes indeed the food here Pho Le Han is yummy good. Just like in Vietnam. Well you have been there and eaten the Vietnamese food and now is craving for it, stop your search. Visit Pho Le Han. The food here are daily fresh from the market, and well marinated before cook. The Pho Bo or Beef Noodle here is authentic and taste the same as in Vietnam. It is their top seller and also one of their signature dishes. The other will be the stew beef with Vietnamese bread .. Good Good !!! The Banh Mi ( Bread ) here is also another top sell here. Visit Pho Le Han to enjoy a good Vietnamese food while around Geylang .

Bites F & B
489 Geylang Road, Corner Coffee shop of Lor 27

Hungry and looking for delicious food while in Geylang area? Stop looking around, just visit Bites and end your search. Here, at Bites, you are going to enjoy your Western Food as Chef has many years of cooking experiences. The price is also reasonable. Bites also serves wonderful finger foods for light eaters or drinkers. At the same time do order their China Chinese food. The outlet is just side by side, MUST TRY !!! NICE and GOOD !!

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