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Hougang Zone 1

Bakery Master
Blk 309 Hougang Ave 5
#01 - 289 (530309)
Branch: Blk 335 Hougang Ave 7
#01 - 353 (530335)

No matter what is the occasion, Bakery Master has it for you. Cakes, Dessert and even traditional Chinese pastries. All produce is Bake and makes daily fresh. The outlet has been years in Hougang and the patriarch and handed the business to his good hands of his daughter. Be sure to get your pastries from Bakery Master. Well Recommended Outlet.

Lian Huat Roasted Delights
Blk 309 Hougang Ave 5 #01 - 225 (530309)

Lian Huat's roasted meat and brewed soup is one of the best in Hougang. The meat is roasted daily fresh and as well as the soup id brew early each morning. Lian Huat's regular customers come from all parts of Singapore and also from all walks of life. Many first tries the food and got stuck with the delicious taste. Therefore, be sure to visit Lian Huat if you are looking for a good Roasted Delights outlet.YUMMY GOOD!

Xin Ji Beef Noodle
Blk 309 Hougang Ave 5 #01 - 285 Stall No 4

Craving For Traditional Beef Noodle or Dishes cant be easy nowadays. Woory not. Just visit Xin Ji and all craving will end here. The friendly husband and wife team just knew how to cook these dishes. The food is fresh and they made their own sauces and chilli to complement the food. One bite and you shall be back for more. This is going to a food lovers' top choice!

Tai Seng Herbal Turtle Soup
Blk 118 Hougang Ave 1 #01-186 Singapore 530118

Familiar Of The Name 'Tai Seng Turtle Soup?' If you have tasted their soup before and do not know where they have gone to? Look no further. Come over any meal time and enjoy that same authentic taste like before. Needed no further recommendation. It is one of the Best!

Xiang Ge Li (Indonesian Food)
Blk 210 Hougang Street 21 #01-261

One of the best in Hougang so far when Indonesian Food is in the topic. Foodies choice and a great hang out for a good meal with many delicious menu to choose upon. The Mee Siam, Mee Rebus and Lotong in the morning is a hot seller here. The Nasi Padang at lunch is another sell out. If you are crazy for claypot assam fish head, head here at Xian Ge Li. SEDAP & Shiok !! The rest of the rendang side dishes and fried fish with sambal is a worth to come here and dine. Well Recommended Outlet. !!

Guo Qin
Blk 631 Hougang Ave 8 #01-146

Delicious noodle that you must not miss! Traditional taste that is hardly come by now. The food here are daily fresh and all ingredients are self make. The wantons are self make and it compliment very well with the noodle and chilli. The Braised Chicken Feet and Braised Pork here is a sure daily sell out items. Be sure to visit this outlet before all food are gone . Well Recommended Outlet !


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