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Serangoon Rd

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Serangoon Zone 1    
Bossi Noodle
Serangoon Garden Market And Food Centre
( Food Centre Behind Shell Station )

Delicious self made noodle that food lovers will enjoy and return for more. The food here are daily fresh and the soup base is of natural sweetness. Must try their dry noodle. Yummy good and not many sell this. The noodle has many choices of additional ingredient like the abalone, clam , slice fishes and minced meat with egg. Worth what you are paying for as it is Delicious.


Bayshore Delicious
16 Upper Serangoon Road.

If you have dinning the former Jackson Market ( Kopitiam 24hrs Food Court ), you will come across this outlet. Well known for its many Crab dishes, they are now ideally tucked at the nearby old coffee shop. Bayshore has many customers from all over the island and the place is also a meeting place for many food lovers too. The steamed fish and chilli fish head are also their top seller. Fish head steamboat is also another popular food here. Make sure you don’t miss Bayshore the next time if you are looking for any crab dishes.


Hua Hin Chicken Rice
Blk 542B Serangoon North Ave 3. Inside Kopitiam Food Court. Stall 7

Hua Hin is a rare discovery their chicken rice is a household name in its neighbour. Their Hainanese chicken is so tender and juicy and cooked to perfection, even if you would to pack for home, it will taste as good when it's eaten at the spot. All the ingredients are self made by the chef.
Ming Shi Roasted Delicacies
30, Foch Road # 01 -02 Singapore 209276
Deliciously roasted the traditional way! Its too hard to come by with such taste today. The young and friendly owner learned his culinary skill not only through his parents,but also self improvement. The chicken wings and the pork ribs are the hot and top seller here. Be sure to got early before it is all gone.
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