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Serangoon Rd

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Serangoon Zone 1    
Sim Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
Serangoon Garden Market And Food Centre. Stall #01 - 37

This outlet is indeed a Food Lovers' choice when Chicken rice is the main subject. Their customers made up all walks of life and from all over the Island. Many came and try their first bite and most of them return for more. Reasons: The rice is not too oily and aromatic. The boiled chicken is soft and tender and it compliments very well with the rice and the chilli. Needless to mention more about their noodle. It is also the outlet hot seller. Be sure to visit this outlet the next time you are craving for a good chicken rice meal. Well Recommended Outlet!


Bossi Noodle
Serangoon Garden Market And Food Centre
( Food Centre Behind Shell Station )

Delicious self made noodle that food lovers will enjoy and return for more. The food here are daily fresh and the soup base is of natural sweetness. Must try their dry noodle. Yummy good and not many sell this. The noodle has many choices of additional ingredient like the abalone, clam , slice fishes and minced meat with egg. Worth what you are paying for as it is Delicious.


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