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Simei/ Tampines Zone 01
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Simei/ Tampines Zone 1
Zoul Corner
Blk 801 Tampines Ave 4 #01 - 257


No matter if you are alone or with loved ones, dining at Zoul Corner is always a good meeting place for a delicious meal. The food here is well prepared by experienced chefs and at this restaurant the menu selection is good. Ayam or Ikan Penyet is a must here as this is the signature food. Other like the Noodle is also a must to try it out.. They also have a wide range of self-concocts of cold and hot drinks here. A well-Recommended outlet!

Bonjour Steamboat And Mookata
Blk 9012, Tampines Street 93
Tampines Industrial Park A
# 01 - 157 (528845)

Looking for a good steamboat or Mookata meal is not easy now a day. There are many in the food arena but nothing comes near to Bonjour. The soup base is specially brewed by the experienced hands of the friendly owners. The dishes are daily fresh and most of the food is special order from the trusted supplier The sauce and chilli are self-made to compliment well with the food. Mookata here tasted just like in Thailand. Very delicious and worth the trip here. Business Hours here: Mondays to Saturdays - 11pm to 12am and close on Sundays and Public Holidays. Well Recommended !!

Lau Yu Kee
Blk 9008 Tampines Street 93
# 01 - 09

Been Roasting traditional tasty meat since 1983. At Lau Yu Kee you will enjoy the traditional taste of roast meat.All meat here is specially marinated by the friendly owner daily before going into the charcoal oven. The owner somehow has mastered the fine culinary skill in roasting. All the sauces are also self-prepared and as well as the chillies. The special brewed soup is another hot seller here. The soup is brewed early in the morning for hours. The tastiness is all natural! MUST TRY!!

Tip Top Seafood
Blk 9008 Tampines Street 93
#01-09, Singapore 528843

Having to celebrate love one occasion or just having a simple meal? Tip Top never fail to serve a delicious hot meal. The food is very reasonable in the price and it is daily fresh from the market. The Chef, Mr Wong have won many awards in cooking competitions and he has been in this line for years. The outlet has many signature dishes and you will be glad to be introduced. Once you have tasted the food here, you will return for more and this what happen to many foodies. The regular customers don't only make up of the residents here but also from all over the island and from all walks of life. Its a must to try! WELL RECOMMENDED OUTLET !!!

Mahabbah Corner
Mahabbah Putu Piring

Blk 201E, Tampines Street 23,
#01 - 56, Singapore 527201

Traditional Malay pastry , Putu Piring that you must not miss. The out has been making for some time and you must try it. The soft rice flour is soft and the filling compliment well. Kachang Pool may be another traditional food. Originated from the Saudi and not many local knew how to cook it. Come over and taste the authentic taste that you will be back for more.


Lawa Bintang
Blk 9008 Tampines Street 93
# 01 -08 Stall 08
Singapore 528842
( Inside Kenny Eating House )

If you are thinking it is another normal Nasi Lemak Stall, see the food photos. The rice is the Basmati ( Nasi Briyani Rice ) and you can have the choice of Lobster, Salmon, Crab, Big Cuttle Fish and Big Prawns. The Sambal is very good and compliment well with all the side dishes and the rice. Must try to know what you may not have taste such Nasi Lemak before. Price ? Worth it! Daily Fresh And Fast Friendly. WELL RECOMMENDED OUTLET !!


21 Street Eating House
( Pork Rib Soup & Salmon Fish Head Dishes )

Address: Blk 201 Tampinese Street 21.
Stall No 7 Inside 21 Street Eating House

Salmon fish head in many flavours. Sambal, Steamed and with Black beans are the outlet's specialities. Many came just to taste what it is and reture for more. The friendly owner was a Chefs before and has innovated these dishes for many who are looking for some thing new. His pork rib soup is also very tasty and also another type is with quality herbs. Come over to the outlet and try out the goodness. MUST TRY!!


Blk 201C Tampines Street 21.Stall No. 3B. Inside Hup Koh Canteen. Stall No 3

If you are looking a bowl of delicious traditional taste of noodle, look no further then Hock Guan. The owner has has learnt the art of cooking from his master when he was young. Today, he still maintained the original taste and also use daily fresh ingredients. The soup is yummy and so as his self-made chilli. Must Try...!


JiaXiang Pancake
Blk 248 simei Street 3 # 01 - 100 Inside Hola Food Court

Pancakes are not common now adays, but yummy pancakes with filling, nearly none. JiaXiang is one of the best so far. Visit them and you will be much happier for not wasting your trip, as the friendly owner will be glad to ask you for your liking to your filling. Ham and cheese, Tuna, Traditional Coconuts, Peanut and many. All the pancakes are cook on upon each order and eating it piping hot is fantastic. MUST TRY!
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