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Woodlands Zone 01
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Woodlands Zone 1
He Li Nasi Lemak / Economical Noodle
He Li Fish Soup / Self Made Noodle

He Li is one of the best in Nasi Lemak and economical noodle outlet that you can try on.The friendly owner has been cooking this food for years and it is daily fresh, reasonable price and delicious. His self made his chilli to ensure that it compliment well with his food.For Self made noodle and the fish soup, no need much explaination as you can hardly have another one like this in Woodlands. Worth eating here...!
Al Jam Jam
Blk 2A Woodland Central

Hungry and looking for delicious Indian food? Well, if you are around Woodland area, why not just pay Al Jam Jam a visit. The food here is delicious and many first timer dinners return for more after eating here. The Roti Prata and Murtabak is fantastic. The curry to go along is very good. The Noodle items are also the top seller here. The Mutton soup? You must try to know what is delicious. Yummy Good!
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