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Yishuan Zone    
Taiwanese Hot Plate
Blk 848 Yishun Street 81. # 01-122 Stall No. 4
Inside Li Soon Coffee Food Court

Sizzling yummy Taiwanese delicacies that you must try. Why go Taiwan to eat when you have it here? The owner cum chef of this outlets has been in this business for years and he cooks your food upon every order. This is to ensure the freshness and the good taste. Marinating his food following the Taiwanese way and also improving it makes a world of a difference. Make sure you try it today..!



Lu Jia Chao Chou Guo
Blk 101 Yishun Ring Road, # 01 - 101
Branch: Blk 123 Yishun Street 11 # 01-509

Traditionally Delicious pastries that is hard to come by. All the pastries here are daily fresh and self made. The owner, family members inherited the fine skill of doing these traditional keuh from their parents and further fine tune it by using better quality ingredients. Their customers came from all walks of life and from nearby and afar. Be sure to visit them early as the kueh sell out fast. Well recomended!



Western Asian Style Special
Blk 717 Yishun Street 71 #01-335 (760717)

Delicious Western food in Yishun! Come by any meal time and enjoy a delightful Western meal with fast, friendly service and very reasonable price for these type of restaurant standard food. At Western Asian, you may also like to try some of their fusion food which come with rice. Their steak is very good too. The food is fresh and the sauce is self made. Well Recommended outlet Indeed !



Xing Xin Steamed Soup - Stewed
Blk 101, Yishun Ave 5 #01-93

Health Is Wealth. Daily Fresh Healthy soups awaits you at this outlet. Healthy yet tasty. At the same time Xing Xin also serves stewed food. Their top sell are minced meat and stewed veg. As for the soup, most of them are sell out item here. Xing Xin has became a house hold name in yishun area for his tasty soup and stewed food. Just ask any residents around and they will direct you to Xing Xin. The outlet also has many customers from all walks of life and from other parts of the island. The price here are also very reasonable and with fast and friendly service. YUMMY GOOD !!



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